Customer Reviews

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" I have LOVED everything Wendy makes! I am a natural deodorant convert because of her, and the scrubs are divine. I give her products as sweet gifts for those I love. What can be better than giving and receiving gifts made from the heart? Thank you Wendy! " - Liz

"LOVE LOVE LOVE the lavender deodorant! I've tried quite a few natural brands and this one is by far the best. Please don't ever stop making it because I want to buy it for life!!!" - Lisa

"I recently purchased Lucious Mint Luxe Body Scrub, and Face Cleansing Oil for normal skin. After just two days of using these products, my sad, Colorado Winter skin is recovering! My face feels soft, looks more even, and my prescription product and moisturizer glide smoothly now! Could not be more thrilled with my Av Jorden products! Thank you, Wendy, for helping me choose the products that are perfect for my skin!" - Angie

"I am in love with every product I've tried! The body creams are lush, the scrubs are a great little exfoliate, the lip balms heal chapped lips faster than any other lip balm I've tried, and the deodorant has saved my sanity. I am a sweater; I have been issuing clinical strength deodorant and STILL sweating through it and beginning to stink before an hour is up. Not with the deodorant from Av Jorden. It was so embarrassing, I felt like a teenager again. Plus, those clinical strength deodorants have so many terrible chemicals in them. I love that everything is natural, and it absolutely works!" - Jenn

"Love these products! Everything is so natural and smells amazing! I have tried the body cream, lip balm, and body scrub, and cannot wait to try more. You must try these products" - Michelle

"Do yourself a favor and try these products! I was especially excited for the natural deodorant that WORKS! The Lavender Lemon Rosemary deodorant arrived just in time for my Hatha Yoga class, but this time I was surrounded in a cocoon of blissful smells. The body scrub is a great remedy to the hot summer, over chlorinated dry skin. The lip balm is also a nice treat yourself a few times a day. I have tried many lines of natural products, looking for a less chemicals and better environmental practices and Av Jorden is my favorite." - Mandy

"These products are simply AMAZING! I have been using the face cream and my kids won't stop touching my face- they all say its so soft. And well.... it is! The difference is night and day before and after I started using the cream. My wrinkles aren't as noticeable, my age spots aren't as bright and when I wear makeup it gives me a smooth "canvas" to work with. This cream is a must have!" - Jackie

"I am in LOVE with the body cream and lip balm, the lemon glazed Madeline body cream is my favorite... smells AH-MAZING and makes skin super soft! I use it everyday now and can't get enough. The lip balms work great and the fact that they are all natural is icing on the cake! These products seriously will become your new go-to's!" - Anne

"So... I got my "box of joy" today and OH MY GOODNESS. Tonight, after putting my toddler to bed, I grabbed a quick shower and followed it up with the "relaxed cool-ala" and the "nighttime face cream". Talk about relaxing!! All the soothing relaxation of the spa without the price tag or the need to leave home. I swear by these products! Clean and effective!!!" - Cristine

"Absolutely amazing products. Prompt delivery, and awesome owner!" - Stephanie

"I have a nasty cold. Nothing nourishes my red Rudolph nose like Av Jorden Eye Balm. The soothing smell is an added bonus." - Mandy

"Smooth, silky Eye Balm, free of my allergens! Wendy is kind and knowledgeable. Love her blog! Can't wait to try more of her natural skin care products!" - Angie