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Finding Bliss Amongst The Chaos

HELLO!!! Yes, this is me shouting "hello" to you in a very excited manner. I find this does one of two things. Either 1) people look at me weird and wonder what I am on, or 2) it makes them giggle a little and they answer back in a much happier demeanor than before I spoke (okay....shouted) to them. Which response do you find yourself leaning towards? One or two?? I usually find how one responds to a certain situation can tell you a lot about them. Or at least tell you how their day may be going. For the most part, I try to giggle and smile in that situation. Not gonna lie, sometimes when I used to run outside, I would DRASTICALLY dance to the music I was listening to as I ran in hopes to make someone laugh! I have found through experience, the more positive I respond to a situation, the more positive my day turns out to be.

It is highly possible that I may or may not have sometimes done this exact move while running to make people laugh.... ;)

As an example of responding positively even in the not so great moments, there is a day a few years ago that sticks out in my mind. I have some health issues (a subject for another time) and had to have a procedure that morning. It was not fun nor did it lift a weight off of my shoulders. In fact, it did the opposite. I felt a rush of flashbacks race through my mind at warp speed. It brought a lot of emotions I did NOT welcome. Feeling slightly distraught, I was desperately looking for something positive to focus on. It was then at that moment that my eyes met that of the valet attendant. Instead of my normal smirk and nod of my head, I decided to give my biggest smile and say, "Hello! Have a wonderful day!!" The attendant's slight acknowledgment quickly turned to the biggest smile I have seen and her entire face lit up. It sounds silly, but it was as if in that exact moment we both brightened one another's day. I needed something positive to put in me in the right mindset and she just enjoyed having someone say something to her rather than pass by in a somber mood.

This simple act started a roller coaster effect of thoughts and emotions. The first thing that popped into my head after the small yet powerful exchange was being grateful that I could walk on my own two feet out of the hospital. I was returning home to my family and not having to stay like before. I may not be happy with the reason for my procedure, but I was returning home. Soon I would be able to hug both my husband and my daughter. Along the way home, I had come across some drivers whom in my opinion could use some more Driver's Ed. =) But instead of focusing on how they should have their licenses taken away, I directed my attention to the fact that I returned home safe and sound and that in itself was something to be grateful for. THEN, my husband took our daughter and myself out to lunch. This is something that we are rarely able to do. WOOT WOOT!!!! Not only did I get out of the house for a better reason than another doctors appointment, I didn't have to cook. Can I get an AMEN people? Several other instances came at me that day trying to test my method of seeing the light instead of the dark in the situation. And ya know what? The result each time was the same. Positive thoughts = positive outcomes. 


I guess my thoughts are, the world is such a negative place and I often find myself concerned with the surroundings in which my children are growing up in. I am bound and determined to make sure that no matter what, my kids know they are loved, that we always have at least 2 choices in life (even if we aren't fond of either choice....we still have a choice), to embrace differences in one another as it makes the world a beautiful and dynamic place, and when life gets you down.... put one foot in front of the other and focus on the positive. Otherwise, you'll never get out alive. Focus on the good, no matter how small, and you will find bliss! What do you do to find your little piece of bliss?!?