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Namesté - A Quick Morning Routine

Today I want to talk a little bit about yoga. Have you tried it before? If so, did you love it at first sight, slowly let it grow on you, or flat out despise that pesky downward dog? For me, yoga slowly grew into a passion I wanted to share with anyone who mentioned the word. My birthday wish has even involved a retreat to a far off place all by my lonesome to get lost in the practice. While this may take years to actually happen, one day I WILL make the trek, just me and my mat. Talk about pure bliss!

I am sharing with you a sequence I found on Pinterest years ago (I’d add the link but the website no longer exists.) It is a small yet extremely effective routine to do every morning before I start my day. If I am running short on time, I hold each pose for 8 seconds. I do the entire routine on one side before starting again on the opposite side. More time = longer holds. Anywhere from 15-30 seconds. The most important part... don’t forget to breathe! Focus on slow consistent breathing as you go through these poses. 


And the effects.... AWESOME! So grab a mat, throw your socks to the side, and enjoy! Even if you are new to yoga, we don't ask for perfection and we don't judge. That is why yoga is called a practice. We are constantly changing in our bodies and in our lives. Some days are great, others not so much. I just ask that you take it all in and be present in the moment. It will truly change you if you let it! If you have any questions on how to position yourself, leave me a comment. I will be happy to help in anyway I can. I'll share more another time on how yoga has changed me for the better and how it helps when I am having a rough health day. Enjoy your weekend everyone!!