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In life we come across hundreds of thousands of people. Some will just pass through, some come and stay for a bit, and then there are the few that will stick around. All of these people can have a major impact on our lives. It could be that they change you or your perspective somehow. Maybe they are your never ending support system to get you through all of the chaos in life. And then there are the people who inspire and motivate you to pursue your passions.

Recently I was connected with an amazing mama I had admired from afar. Amanda of Little Wander Shop creates beautiful and unique jewelry that makes my heart go all a flutter. We collaborated on an Essentials Collection that combined her gorgeous new diffuser necklaces with my new essential oil rollers. Amanda helped inspire and motivate me to finally make my idea of oil rollers happen. She relit the fire that had died from burnout between work and life. I can never thank her enough for rekindling something I am passionate about. Read on to find out more about this phenomenal woman and her shop.


1. What motivated you to start your shop?

I was motivated to start my shop while my husband was deployed. I just recently became a mom and was staying home with our him. I felt like I needed an outlet for my creativity as well as a way to keep my own identity outside "military wife", "mom", etc. I have always enjoyed creating and this was a perfect solution for me. 

2. Where does your inspiration come from?

My inspiration comes from nature and the adventure that is my life! I enjoy the outdoors, and am inspired by natural textures and materials. I enjoy mixing elements to create one of a kind pieces. I'm passionate about bringing new life to found items as well. Each piece has a story from it's past, I help it have a new story as part of my customer's life.


3. Is there a special meaning behind your shop name?

I love the concept of wandering. I've always been a daydreamer and have been *accused* of dawdling and having my head in the clouds my whole life. Wandering is aimless and unplanned, which allows for freedom and discovery. I see myself as a wanderer collecting memories and inspiration through my life. My little shop is a way to bring my findings and experiences to my customers in a tangible sense. 

4. What is your mission with Little Wander Shop?

To create one of a kind pieces inspired by nature and using natural elements to show the beauty in the world around us. 

5. Are there any special promotions you have in store for the holiday season?

I will have several flash promotions throughout the upcoming weeks!

6. What do you like to do for fun?

I like to be around friends and family! I also enjoy projects with my husband and spending time outdoors with my two boys.


7. Who is someone you consider to be a hero in your life?

Some of my heroes are my friends. I have military wife friends that show me the definition of strength. I have maker mama friends that show me how to balance kids and businesses and that non-traditional work can be successful.  I'm so lucky to be surrounded by such incredible people.

8. What is a big lesson you have learned on this journey?

How to value myself and my time. I'm learning to take myself seriously and invest in myself. Self care has been a real struggle for me, mentally and physically. My business has allowed me to find time for myself. By doing something I love, I can have an outlet, make a contribution financially to our family, feel accomplished and make friends with common interests. I'm so grateful for this opportunity. ♥

The amazing Amanda behind Little Wander Shop

The amazing Amanda behind Little Wander Shop

Check out the gorgeous work Amanda does by visiting Little Wander Shop. You can see what all she is up to on her Facebook page thelittlewandershop and give her a follow on Instagram at

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