All About Av Jorden

Hello And Welcome To The Shop!

My name is Wendy and I am the owner and creator of Av Jorden. I am a HUGE lover of all things crafty, artsy, and DIY. So much so that my husband finds it funny that I will spend more money on supplies to make something versus just buying it in the store. BUT my supplies can be used for other projects that justifies it right?! Thankfully he laughs about it and shakes his head! It was no surprise then that I found a passion for creating handmade skincare products. Why I began is how Av Jorden came to be.


Like many people, I have some health issues. I had tried several different things to see if any of it would give me some sort of relief. While I found removing gluten from my diet helped, I still would have difficult days. The only area of my life I had yet to "clean up" was the skincare products I used on my body. So began the quest to find items that were completely natural. I tried a few products but wasn't head over heels in love with any of them. A friend pointed me in the direction of a good deodorant recipe to try out. I of course was all on board to buy the ingredients to make it (my DIY was in full force.) However it took the need for a mammogram at the age of 34 to get me to actually make it. There is nothing like finding a lump to give you the motivation you need to make some changes. After making a few alterations to the recipe, I found a new passion for creating and testing out skincare products. I began researching and coming up with other items to make. It was SO MUCH FUN! Of course there were lots of failures and tweaks that were made. But that was part of the fun.....well sometimes. Ha! My husband encouraged me to begin selling the products I had come up with after seeing how much I enjoyed creating them. It took over a year and a half before I got to this point, but it has been an amazing and crazy ride following this passion.


I always get the question of where Av Jorden came from and what it means. Well, my friend who gave me the deodorant recipe to try came up with the brilliant idea to use my heritage as inspiration (she's rather crafty as well.) Most of my ancestry can be traced back to Norway. I remember that my grandfather could even speak Norwegian. Since my products are made with natural ingredients that come from the earth I found it very fitting to name my new business Av Jorden which means "of the earth" in Norwegian. And of course my logo HAD to be purple. Purple heather is one of the national flowers of Norway. Plus is it my all-time favorite color so it was a perfect fit. Add in an arrow because I ADORE it's meaning and significance to life and Av Jorden was born. 


Take a look around the shop and contact me with any questions. May you have a fabulous day!

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